Sonically reflecting their experience as a deaf musician hearing through artificial mechanisms, Geo Aghinea (b. 2001, Romania) is a London-based producer, composer and vocalist.

Geo creates distinct auditory encounters blending bold synthetic sonic organisms with ethereal alluring vocals. This approach to sound creation is a consequence of wearing hearing aids from a young age, which has shaped both their vocal expression and perception of the surrounding world of sound.

Their creative practice implements a multitude of feelings or stages of feelings, in an effort to form a richer soundscape that reflects how they sophisticatedly experience emotions as a human living in this contemporary climate.
This need to transcend the limitation of conventional, single-mood structures is evident in their avant-garde EP titled 'I'll Hand You A Hand’ released last year, featuring 5 self-produced and written tracks.

Standing at the intersection of art and music, Geo has performed both at renowned music venues including Servant Jazz Quarters, LSO St Lukes, The Baths and Control Club and in art galleries such as The Crypt Gallery, Brooke Bennington and Final Hot Desert.
Likewise, Geo’s music has been broadcast on Radio Romania Cultural and Soho Radio, where they were invited to perform and interview with Max Reinhardt.

Notably, Geo is recognised as one of the 2023 Oram Awards winners for their innovation in sound, music, and related technologies and featured as one of Mastercard's music trailblazers x The BRIT Awards this year, as part of the Future Sound of Britain campaign.

My Artist Projects: 
︎︎︎ I’ll Hand You A Hand - EP (5 tracks)

here is me   |    taken by Andrei Musat whilst performing at Control Club