Geo Aghinea (b. 2001, Romania) is a London-based producer, composer, and vocalist who continuously strives to create a distinctive soundscape that reflects their experience as a deaf musician who hears through a synthetic mechanism: hearing aids.

In early 2023, Geo started building the path towards the release of their debut avant-garde EP titled 'I'll Hand You A Hand,' which comprises 5 self-produced and written tracks. Within this EP, Geo's artistic practice delves into the rich spectrum of humans’ experience and ability to feel, presenting a plurality of emotions and stages of feelings.

At the intersection of art and music, Geo draws significant inspiration from Bjork, and aims to garner attention from both music journalists and gallery curators alike.

Notably, Geo is recognised as one of the 2023 Oram Awards winners for their innovation in sound, music, and related technologies.

My Artist Projects: 
︎︎︎ I’ll Hand You A Hand - EP (5 tracks)

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