Art Collaborations

The Triad Entanglement by Friendred

performed at The Crypt Gallery in London, the United Kingdom
on the 14th and 15th of April 2023

watch it unlisted:
directed by Friendred
interactive visuals by Pierre Engelhard
haptic researchers: Snehesh Shrestha & Ishan Tamrakar
vocals by Geo Aghinea
cello by Ramilda

curators: Daisy Wang, Celeste Viv Ly
special thanks to University of the Arts London & University of Maryland

During the four performances of The Triad Entanglement, I performed in synchronicity with one attendee’s brain waves that were sent as vibrations onto my throat and I think that might have just been the most unique setting that I've performed in so far! The brainwaves, analysed by a headband worn by someone in the audience, would be converted into vibrations and placed via haptic devices both onto my throat and onto the cellist's hand, Ramilda.

Astropriest by Catinca Malaimare

performed at Brooke Benington in London, the United Kingdom
on June 3rd, 2023

watch a snippet of the performance here:
directed by Catinca Malaimare
Astropriest performed / live vocals by Geo Aghinea
The Rider performed by Deividas Vytautas 
soundtrack by Khlorys

photos and video by Catinca Malaimare