Emotional Room

out August 18th, 2023 written, produced and performed by Geo Aghinea
mixed by Luciano Rossi
mastered by James Trevascus
recording engineer: Emilia Buchanan

artwork by Alina Negoita

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Emotional Room constructs a lyrical landscape similar to an inner sanctum, wherein our emotions stay stored. When ‘the door’ is left open, other people might view as us ‘fools’, just as the lyrics subtly depict. My aim was to illustrate the act of accessing another's emotional space as a gesture of closeness and vulnerability.

The composition starts and ends in an excessively innocent and dreamy, but contemplative manner. Throughout, the chorus takes an unexpected 3/4 time signature reminiscent of tribal dance, providing an avenue to release frustrations born from feeling misunderstood.

Beyond its portrayal of a love story, the song materialised from personal experiences of being perceived as naive when choosing vulnerability over insincerity.


Maybe I ought, ought to keep seeking
Comforts I couldn’t find in you

Maybe our walk reached the destination
The path must have split in two

They point out back but have no clue
I am tired of how they call me a fool

Only when my room
Keeps an open door
He grabs my hand
And I believe I can soar

I know I’ll sigh, wander off knowing
My search has not stopped yet

I know you would have never stopped palpating
No matter of what I offered you

I crochet new paths into other maps
I am doleful of how one used to mean two