I’ll Hand You A Hand - EP

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written, produced and performed by Geo Aghinea
mixed by Luciano Rossi
mastered by James Trevascus

ecording engineer (vocals) of 'A Bird's Wings', 'Fell In Love With an Alien' & 'Emotional Room: Emilia Buchanan

artwork by Alina Negoita

I’ll Hand You A Hand is an avant-garde and experimental Extended Play that documents an intricate tapestry of Geo’s personal journey with intimacy.

Through their self-crafted sonics, Geo intertwines composition and production elements to reflect the complexity that transcends singular emotions, offering a multi-dimensional glimpse into their human experience.

The EP was crafted during Geo's initial years of residing in London, providing a sonic landscape that blends harshness with etherealness. This combination serves as a window into Geo's distinctive perspective as a deaf musician, challenging traditional notions of sound and perception.

tracklist - learn more about each song:
︎︎︎ A Bird’s Wings
︎︎︎ Fell In Love With An Alien
︎︎︎ Emotional Room
︎︎︎ I Could Be That Someone
︎︎︎ I’ll Hand You A Hand