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Geo Aghinea (b. 2001, Romania) is a London-based producer, composer, and vocalist who continuously strives to create a distinctive soundscape that reflects their experience as a deaf musician who hears through a synthetic mechanism: hearing aids.

In early 2023, Geo started building the path towards the release of their debut avant-garde EP titled 'I'll Hand You A Hand,' which comprises 5 self-produced and written tracks. Within this EP, Geo's artistic practice delves into the rich spectrum of humans’ experience and ability to feel, presenting a plurality of emotions and stages of feelings.

At the intersection of art and music, Geo draws significant inspiration from Bjork, and aims to garner attention from both music journalists and gallery curators alike.

Notably, Geo is recognised as one of the 2023 Oram Awards winners for their innovation in sound, music, and related technologies.

My Artist Projects: 
︎︎︎ I’ll Hand You A Hand - EP (5 tracks)

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  • Music Production ︎︎︎ production services for other artists
  • Private Tutoring ︎︎︎ lessons (vocals, songwriting and music production in Ableton) to help you develop your skills
  • Composition & Arrangement ︎︎︎ co-writing music with other artists to enhance structure and impact 
  • Sound Design ︎︎︎ crafting immersive soundscapes for different media
  • Performance ︎︎︎ providing live performances for my own artist project as well as for other live shows

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I’ll Hand You A Hand - EP

listen to I’ll Hand You A Hand

written, produced and performed by Geo Aghinea
mixed by Luciano Rossi
mastered by James Trevascus

ecording engineer (vocals) of 'A Bird's Wings', 'Fell In Love With an Alien' & 'Emotional Room: Emilia Buchanan

artwork by Alina Negoita

I’ll Hand You A Hand is an avant-garde and experimental Extended Play that documents an intricate tapestry of Geo’s personal journey with intimacy.

Through their self-crafted sonics, Geo intertwines these elements to reflect the complexity that transcends singular emotions, offering a multi-dimensional glimpse into their human experience.

'I'll Hand You A Hand' was crafted during Geo's initial two years of residing in London, providing a sonic landscape that blends harshness with etherealness. This sonic combination serves as a window into Geo's distinctive perspective as a deaf musician, challenging traditional notions of sound and perception.

tracklist - learn more about each song:
︎︎︎ A Bird’s Wings
︎︎︎ Fell In Love With An Alien
︎︎︎ Emotional Room
︎︎︎ I Could Be That Someone
︎︎︎ I’ll Hand You A Hand 

A Bird’s Wings

out April 24th, 2023 written, produced and performed by Geo Aghinea
mixed by Luciano Rossi
mastered by James Trevascus
recording engineer: Emilia Buchanan

artwork by Alina Negoita

listen on

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A Bird's Wings is produced by Geo to portray the raw intensity of anger, the depths of grief, and the allure of arousal. Distinct emotions are entwined within the sonic composition, creating contrasting textures that mirror the complexity of an emotional landscape during the stages of desire.

Lyrically, the song draws inspiration from natural imagery of ice observed during a winter walk, symbolizing a blockage within a human connection.

watch the visual
main footage by Lorena Cocioni
additional footage (FX) by Giovanni Palmieri
video edit by Geo Aghinea


As soft as you’d touch a snowflake
You send all my signals away
You’re blocking the way

As rivers seem to turn into lakes
I seem to let our stream change
But you’re blocking the way

I am a bird whose wings
Are frozen in the path
You’re walking on by

Am I really unworthy of this dream?
All I ever wanted was what everyone else had
I wish this was more about you, dear
I need to finally walk my fate
Little by little you stray from the way